The three pears symbolize food, knowledge, and pleasure.
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What is the purpose of this Site?

(1) To share my thoughts on the nature of our complex relationship with
food with as wide an audience as those ideas might intrigue.

(2) To enable the development of my food-based career by offering
prospective employers the opportunity to review a wide sample of my
interests and skills.
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About and Jason Ryan
Who is the Gastromancer?

Hi, I am Jason Ryan (Appetitus
I am a graduate of Boston
Master of Gastronomy
program where I wrote a
thesis on kvas!  
I also hold an
Advanced Certificate from
Great Britain's '
Wine & Spirit Education
Trust' and a Cheese Certificate from BU's
'Special Programs' department.

My participation in those programs as
well as the creation of this web site are
different facets of my intense curiosity
regarding the nature and variety of the
relationships between people and their
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Currently Reading...
-Eating in the Dark, by Kathleen Hart
Endless Feasts, editors of Gourmet
Why Gastromancer?

According to the Oxford English
Gastromancy is the ancient
Roman practice of divining the  future via
the interpretation of the sounds made
by the belly!

Though not interested in putting my ear
to anyone's stomach, I do consider
myself a critical listener when it comes to
the rumblings of the food world.

can fancifully say that I am a practitioner
of a modern variant of the ancient
practice of Gastromancy.

Of course, that would make me, a
Currently Cooking Up...

- This has been the summer of smoked
Brisket! & 'The Gastromancer'
are TM held by Jason Ryan.

No part of this site may be reproduced
without the express written consent of
the author.

If this were radio, I would whisper all
this fine print to you really, really fast!
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