The three pears remind me of the three things every gastromancer must do; eat, comtemplate, and enjoy.
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Modern Food Issues
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Modern Food Issues
In order to understand where the food world is headed, we need to understand the
forces that created the food world as it is today.  The last 30 years have witnessed
dramatic changes to America's food delivery system that has resulted in a wholly
different system than was in place in 1970.  Fundamental to any understanding of the
issues of obesity, diabetes, GMOs, the destruction of small farms or the economics of
farm subsidies is an understanding of the 'Modern Food Pipeline', a structure that
informs and enables each of the other issues.

This page will allow you to explore the modern food pipeline and its effects on our
society.  These materials are posted in support of a 2 hour lecture that I give on this
subject.  To request this service, use the 'contact' link located on the left nav bar...
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The Pipeline...
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For Further Reading...

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-Eric Schlosser
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-Peter Pringle
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Seeds of Deception
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The Omnivore’s Dilema
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Abstract: Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA),
ranking Democrat on the Senate Agriculture,
Nutrition and Forestry Committee, released
an October 2004 report on the threats that
concentration and vertical integration pose
for agricultural producers, rural communities
and consumers. The paper produced by the
committee’s Democratic staff, offers
evidence as well as guidelines for stronger
enforcement and legislation to attack effects
of increasing market concentration.
Abstract:  The increase in consumption of
High Fructose Corn Syrup has a temporal
relation to the epidemic of obesity, and the
overconsumption of HFCS in calorically
sweetened beverages may play a role in the
epidemic of obesity.

Abstract:  This review explores whether
fructose consumption might be a
contributing factor to the development of
obesity and the accompanying metabolic
abnormalities observed in the insulin
resistance syndrome.