The three pears symbolize food, knowledge, and pleasure.
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We all know what is meant when something is called 'as American as
idealized 'American' June Cleaver culture of manicured suburban lawns,
give anything to live in that world, while others would do anything to
avoid it.

Kvas plays the same metaphorical role in Russian society.  Lauded by
Gogol, loathed by Checkhov, this peasant drink came to represent an
idealized rural world of the Russian imagination.  

Kvas is a drink of ancient pedigree that was once consumed by almost
every Russian regardless of social station.  Even today it is considered
the Russian alternative to western cola-based drinks.

So what is kvas?  What is it made of?  What does it taste like?  It was
my pleasure it was to write a thesis in answer to those questions.  Now I
have the even greater pleasure of sharing my thesis with you via this

Kvas Thesis