About Gastromancer.com

Hi! My name is Jason Ryan (Appetitus Omniverosis). In addition to being a discriminating Bon Vivant, I am a graduate of Boston University’s Masters in Gastronomy program and hold an Advanced Certificate from Great Britain’s Wine & Spirit Education Trust. My participation in those programs and the creation of this website are different facets of my intense curiosity regarding the nature and variety of humankind’s relationship with their food. I hope you enjoy the various musing you’ll find here.

Why Gastromancer?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Gastromancy is the ancient Roman practice of divining the future via interpreting borborygmi, the sounds made by a grumbling belly! Though not interested in putting my ear to anyone’s stomach, I do consider myself a critical listener to the rumblings of the food world, so I like to say I’m a practitioner of a modern variant of the ancient practice of Gastromancy, which, of course, makes me a Gastromancer.

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