Mastering the Mundane

When we eat we unmake the world and remake it into ourselves.

This awesome, complex process has no parallel in human experience, yet, the need to eat is also our most mundane impulse, a simple chemical signal from our body telling us it is in need of energy or repair.

Unlike the air we breathe, our food is a matter of choice, and we humans have brought the full measure of our incredible imaginations to bear on these choices.  Two hundred years ago the father of modern gastronomy, Brillant-Savarin wrote, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are”.  In that spirit, for me, the study of gastronomy is an inexhaustible exploration of how humanity has mastered the mundane impulse of hunger and transformed our food into art, religion, science, philosophy, history, politics, economics, entertainment…you name it!  Whether we are thoughtful or thoughtless eaters, how we choose to consume the world betrays our deepest feelings about it.

Simply put, “Gastronomy” is the study of who we have been, who we are, and who we intend to be as viewed through the prism of a meal.

You will not find a bunch of recipes at – ok, maybe some – but mostly you will find commentary, links, experiments, personal reflections, and essays all striving to explore how our food defines who we are.  My mentors and heroes mining this same vein are folks like Michael Pollan, Dr Leon Kass, Margaret Visser and Mark Kurlansky – to name but a few.

I hope, through these pages, you come to a richer experience at your own table having enjoyed something you’ve read.  If you have any questions regarding the site or anything food-related, please contact me through the site.  Thanks for visiting!